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Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, was born in Colli del Tronto (AP) on July 22, 1934. Ordained a priest in 1958, he graduated in Theology in Fribourg, Switzerland, and in Classical Literature at the Catholic University of Milan. Former professor of History of Christian Origins and Director of the Department of Religious Sciences at the Sacred Heart University of Milan, he was a member of the International Theological Commission from 1975 to 1981 and, for twelve years, a member of the Catholic delegation for dialogue with the Pentecostal Churches. In 1979, he left teaching to devote himself full-time to the ministry of the Word. He was appointed by John Paul II as Preacher of the Papal Household in 1980 and confirmed in that position by Benedict XVI in 2005, and also by Pope Francis in 2013. In this capacity, he offers a meditation each week in Advent and Lent in the presence of the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, prelates and general superiors of religious orders. He is invited to speak in many countries around the world, often also by brothers from other Christian denominations. In addition to the scholarly books written as a historian of Christian Origins, on the Christology of the Fathers, Easter in the early Church and other topics, he has published numerous other books on spirituality, the result of his preaching at the Papal Household, translated into some twenty languages. On November 28, 2020, he was created a Cardinal by Pope Francis and has chosen not to be consecrated a Bishop, remaining with his Capuchin friar's habit. He has known the CCR since 1977 when in Kansas City, in a great meeting he was deeply touched by the living presence of the Holy Spirit and received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. At the birth of CHARIS, he was appointed by Pope Francis as its Ecclesiastical Assistant.

Born in 1967, married to Carina, has 2 children. He deals with industrial activities. He studied Psychology, Pastoral Counselling and Logotherapy. He joined the CCR in 1985. He has been coordinator of the CCR of Buenos Aires and Vice-president of the Catholic Fraternity. Responsible for movements, associations and communities in the Episcopal Conference of Argentina. Executive member of CRECES (Renewed Communion of Evangelicals and Catholics in the Holy Spirit). On May 7, 2021, he was appointed moderator of CHARIS ad interim by a decree of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life.

Mexican layman, born in 1947. Married to Susan in Cana of Galilee, Israel, in 1981. Baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1971. Member of ICCRS from 1995 to 2000. He has preached in 59 countries, including the Vatican, Quebec - Canada for the International Eucharistic Congress, the Olympic Stadium in Rome in 2016 for the International gathering of the CCR and many other countries. He is the author of 53 books translated into 12 languages. He founded the St. Andrew School for Evangelization in 1980, with 2000 schools all over the world with the same vision, the same program and the same methodology, whose purpose is to form new leaders for the New Evangelization. Personal guest of Pope Benedict XVI, he participated in the Synod of Bishops in 2012.
He has been a member of the CHARIS International Service of Communion since 2019 and Coordinator of the CHARIS Commission for Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Michelle Moran lives in London with her husband Peter. Both are co-founders of the Sion Catholic Community for Evangelization. Michelle served until 2017 as president of ICCRS (International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services) and, as such, traveled around the world to preach at various events organized by the CCR. In 2016, she was appointed by Pope Francis along with Pino Scafuro to be responsible for the creation of an International unique Service for the current of grace, which is now CHARIS. She was a member of the Pontifical Council for the Laity from 2008 to 2016.
Michelle is committed to help the next generation of leaders in the CCR to grow.

Married to Shanelle, he has 3 married children and 11 grandchildren. Since 1973 Shayne has held various leadership roles within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, at major prayer meetings, within the Emmanuel community in Brisbane (of which he was moderator for 15 years), and is currently Coordinator of the National Service of Communion. He was secretary to Brian Smith (Co-founder of the Catholic Fraternity) for ten years and a long-term member of the Catholic Fraternity Executive. Shayne has worked in support of Catholic Charismatic Renewal groups and communities in Southeast Asia and East Africa. He is the founding executive director of NET Ministries in Australia and in 2019, Shayne was appointed a member of the CHARIS International Service of Communion and recently Coordinator of the CHARIS Communities Commission.

Has been married for 30 years to Fernanda, a pastoral coordinator and family counselor, and they have two children.
He trained in catechesis at the Catechetical Seminary in Buenos Aires. He is a professor of Religious Studies and has a degree in Educational Administration and Management from the National University of San Martin and the Superior Council of Catholic Education.
He has worked since his teenage years in the field of education and evangelization, having been a coordinator of pastoral education for 24 years. He has been a diocesan coordinator of the Charismatic Renewal. He gives retreats on charismatic spirituality in different areas and through the media. With his wife, he was a member of the National Secretariat for the Family of the Argentine Bishops' Conference. He was coordinator of youth and vocation ministry and organized the participation of youth groups for WYD 2011 in Madrid and WYD 2013 in Rio de Janeiro.
He has also worked in Alpha and Family Courses since 2007, being vice president of the Executive Committee in Argentina. His first experience of personal encounter with Jesus occurred at the age of 15; at 17 he began to participate in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, being a young pioneer, member of the first Diocesan Coordination Team of the Dioceses of Lomas de Zamora and Avellaneda-Lanus. He participated in many initiatives, such as Evangelization 2000, in the beginnings of Banuev, founded prayer groups and assemblies, the School of Servants. He has organized many evangelization events, as well as seminars on life and growth in the Spirit in many parishes.
Since 1989, he has been a member of the Charismatic Community of the Covenant “Living with God”.

Sister Nathalie Becquart, Xavière, was born in Fontainebleau, France, in 1969.
She graduated from the École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris (HEC Paris), studied philosophy and theology at the Centre Sèvres - Facultés jésuites de Paris, sociology at the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in the same city, and specialized in Ecclesiology with research on synodality at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry (United States of America).
In 1995, she entered the La Xavière Institute, Missionnaires du Christ Jésus. In 2005, she made her perpetual vows.
She was Director of the National Service for the Evangelization of Youth and Vocations of the French Bishops’ Conference (from 2012 to 2018) and is now Consultant of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops (since 2019).

Born November 28, 1964, in Milwaukee, United States, of a French mother and a Hungarian father. He is a French and American citizen.
Since 1987 a member of the Chemin Neuf Community, where he was ordained a priest in 1997. He obtained both an Agrégation in Philosophy (equivalent to a PhD in the French system) and a Doctorate in Theology. Since 2014, he has been Professor of Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University. Since September 2017, he has been director of the "Cardinal Bea Center" for Jewish Studies and Jewish-Christian Relations at the Gregorian University. Involved in youth ministry and ministry to couples and families, as well as preaching and accompanying spiritual exercises. Responsible for youth activities for the "Commission for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000" (Rome, 1999-2001). He is also involved in supporting handicapped and homeless people. Elected to the Chemin Neuf Community Council in 2016.
He is currently a member of the CHARIS International Service of Communion, as well as a member of the Christian Unity Commission.

Married and mother of two daughters, Linda Ghisoni was born in Cortemaggiore (Piacenza) in 1965. She received her Vordiplom in Philosophy and Theology from the Eberhard-Karls-Universität of Tübingen (1991); her doctorate in Canon Law from the Pontifical Gregorian University (1999); her diploma in Rotal Lawyer from the Studium rotale of the Tribunal of the Roman Rota (2002) and her diploma in Administrative Practice from the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline (2002).
From 2013 to 2016, she collaborated with the Pontifical Council for the Laity in the context of specialized studies inherent to the Laity in the Church.
On November 7, 2017, she was appointed by Pope Francis as Undersecretary of the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life.
In 2018, she was appointed by the Holy Father as Consultant of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Commissioner for the dissolution of marriages in favorem fidei.
Author of scientific publications in the field of Canon Law, since 2011 she has been an invited lecturer at the Faculty of Canon Law of the Pontifical Gregorian University.

Born in 1961 in France, married to Anne for more than 30 years, he has 4 adult children. He holds a Master in Engineering from IMT Atlantique (1984) and a doctoral thesis in Education (2004). A member of the Fondacio community, he was the director of IFF Europe (Training Institute - Fondacio in Europe) from its foundation in 1989 to 2009. He is now moderator of Fondacio.
He is a member of the CHARIS International Service of Communion and coordinator of the Commission for Human Promotion.

Born in 1958 and raised in South Africa. He earned degrees in Economics and Law. Then moved to the United States and joined the People of Praise community and its Fraternity. Ordained a priest in the Archdiocese of Portland in June 2001, he became Vicar General, Moderator of the Curia in 2013.
Appointed an auxiliary bishop in 2014 by Pope Francis, he currently serves on the U.S. Bishops’ Conference committees on Ecumenism, Marriage and Family Life, Canonical Affairs, and Africa. He is involved in several ecumenical projects and ministries. He is a member of the CHARIS International Service of Communion, a member of the CHARIS Commission on Christian Unity, and a CHARIS Canon Law Consultant.

Married to Elsamma, 4 children. Baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1982, he was called to RCC leadership in 1991. Previously, he was Coordinator of the Delhi Crusaders (an intercessory ministry); Prayer Group Leader in Delhi (until 1994); Chair of the Delhi Archdiocesan Service Committee (1994-2000); Coordinator of the National Intercession Network in India (1995-2001); Member of the CCR National Service Committee in India (1995-1998) and Head of the same (2001-2016).
Cyril was a member of the ICCRS Council from 2004-2007 and served as Vice President of the ICCRS Council from 2007-2015. He has been the coordinator of the ICCRS Intercessional Training Course (ITC) since 2015. He has served as chair of the ICCRS Subcommittee on Asia-Oceania (ISAO) since 2006. He is a member of the CHARIS International Service of Communion and coordinator of the CHARIS Intercession Commission.

Nicholas Glyn Paul Gumbel, known as Nicky Gumbel, is an English Anglican priest and author in the evangelical and charismatic traditions. He was born on April 28, 1955 in London, England. He studied law at Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He converted to Christianity while attending college in 1974.
He is known as the developer of the Alpha Course, a basic introduction to Christianity supported by churches from many Christian traditions. In 2007, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Gloucestershire in recognition of his extensive contributions to the wider church through Alpha.
In 1990, he took over as director of the Alpha Course which had been running since 1977. The course was transformed under his leadership from being one designed for new Christians to one primarily for those outside the church who do not consider themselves Christians. Gumbel serves as the public face of the course, being described by James Heard as something of a "charismatic leader".
He is the author of a number of books related to the Alpha Course, including Questions of Life, which has sold over 1,000,000 copies. Voted "Christian Book of the Year" in 1994, it has been published in 48 languages.

Austen Ivereigh (born March 25, 1966) is a United Kingdom Catholic journalist, author, commentator, and biographer of Pope Francis. A former deputy editor of The Tablet and then director of public affairs for the former Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, he frequently appears on radio and television programs to comment on stories involving the Church.
Ivereigh was one of the founders and coordinators of Catholic Voices, The Voice of Catholics, which trains people to champion the cause of the Catholic Church in the media.

Born in Scotland, Father James and his family moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1982. After studying at Christ the King Seminary in British Columbia and St. Augustine's Seminary in Toronto, he was ordained to the Catholic priesthood in 1997. He is now a pastor in Nova Scotia. He is founder of Divine Renovation Ministry and author of Divine Renovation: From A Maintenance to A Missional Parish, for parishes seeking to cultivate vibrant and dynamic faith communities focused on missional discipleship.
The message of Divine Renovation has resonated in the hearts of tens of thousands of pastors and lay people around the world. It has inspired and motivated them to take action and seek help to transform their faith community. To meet their needs, Divine Renewal Ministry was created.
In 2019, Fr. James co-authored the book, Unlocking Your Parish with Ron Huntley, an inspiring and practical read on Alpha as a powerful tool for evangelism and discipleship. Fr. James' latest book, Beyond the Parish, offers an inspiring analysis of the challenges facing the Church along with practical tools that will support parish and diocesan leaders in bringing about parish renewal.

Nicholas Knyvett Lee (born 1954) is an English Anglican priest and author. He serves as associate vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton in the Diocese of London. With his wife, Sila, he is founder of the organization Relationship Central, an umbrella organization for The Marriage Course, The Marriage Preparation Course, The Parenting Children Course and The Parenting Teenagers Course. As of 2016, 7,000 separate courses were running in 127 countries, in 46 different languages.
Lee was studied English at Trinity College, Cambridge. He proceeded to study theology and prepare for ordination in the Church of England at Cranmer Hall, Durham. He was ordained priest in 1986, becoming curate, then associate vicar, of Holy Trinity Brompton, now one of the largest Anglican churches in the UK.
Lee met his wife, Sila, at the age of 18 at Swansea docks while waiting for a ferry to Ireland. They married in 1976 and have four children.
The organization Relationship Central started with The Marriage Course in 2005 – a series of seven sessions designed to help couples invest in their relationship and build a strong marriage. Lee, with his wife Sila, developed The Marriage Course for couples looking for practical support to strengthen their relationship. The course is designed to help couples build strong foundations, learn to communicate more effectively and resolve differences well. The Marriage Course has been adopted by the British Army and an additional session on enforced separation (for example, as a result of operational deployment) was added by a military couple working in co-operation with Relationship Central.
The suite of courses has expanded to include: The Marriage Preparation Course, The Parenting Children Course, and The Parenting Teenagers Course.

Dr. Mary Healy has made it her mission to see renewal in Christian hearts everywhere. She first encountered the Lord in her teen years when her parents were set on fire for God through their involvement in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. She experienced baptism in the Holy Spirit at Franciscan University of Steubenville in 1986, and later joined Mother of God Community, a charismatic lay community in Maryland, where she served as coordinator for six years.
She completed her doctorate in biblical theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome in 2000. Dr. Healy is now a professor of Scripture at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, Michigan, and is the author of several books including Healing, the Spiritual Gifts Handbook, and commentaries on The Gospel of Mark and Hebrews. 
She is an international speaker on topics related to Scripture, evangelization, healing, and life in the Spirit. She was appointed by Pope Francis as one of the first three women ever to serve on the Pontifical Biblical Commission. Her books and other resources can be found at her website:

Born in Santa Fe, Argentina on March 5, 1965, he is an Argentinean biomedical doctor, a computer scientist, a business administrator, a professor, a theologian and a Catholic priest.
He was born in the city of Santa Fe on March 5, 1965. He discovered his religious vocation when he was young and this led him to enter the Metropolitan Seminary of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Santa Fe, where he completed his ecclesiastical studies. He was finally ordained a priest on September 30, 1990, by the then Metropolitan Archbishop "Monsignor" Edgardo Gabriel Storni (†).
During all these years, he has been completing his formation in numerous university institutions. He obtained the degree of Analyst in Applied Informatics at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, located in Santa Fe - Argentine. He then moved to Europe, where he obtained a Master's Degree in Business Administration and Management Sciences (MBA) from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and a Bachelor's Degree in Fundamental Theology and Dogmatic Theology from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, his thesis dealt with the Theology of Communication.
He has served as Pastor, Dean Delegate of Youth Pastoral and University Pastoral; he has been Executive Secretary of the Episcopal Commission for University Pastoral and IT Advisor of the General Secretariat of the Argentine Episcopal Conference (CEA); he was Executive Secretary of the Systems Office of the Latin American Episcopal Council (CELAM) in Bogota (Colombia); and Technical Coordinator of the Computer Network of the Computer Network of the Church in Latin America (RIIAL). He has also been a professor at the Pastoral Theological Institute for Latin America (ITEPAL) in Bogota.
For some time now, he has been carrying out his pastoral ministry in the Holy See, as first Secretary General of the recently created Secretariat for Communication. In the Holy See, he also collaborates with the Dicastery for the Clergy and the Dicastery for Communication.
At the same time, he is Advisor for the Computer Network of the Church in Latin America (RIIAL); President of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Formation and Development Center for Latin America; Professor in the Faculty of Communications at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross and Visiting Professor of Tele formation at the Pontifical Gregorian University.
He has recently obtained a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Joël Pralong was born in Salins, in the heart of Valais - Switzerland.
It was while working as a nurse in a psychiatric care hospital that he felt the call to the priesthood.
After three years of training as a psychiatric nurse and two years of internship, he began studying theology in Fribourg.
He pursues this vocation of helping others and caring for others today by taking an interest in all questions that lie on the borderline between psychology and spirituality.
Ordained a priest in 1984, he was appointed curate and then parish priest in several parishes in the canton.
In 2007, he developed a passion for writing, with the desire to share his faith in God and in man. His numerous publications are the fruit of his reflection, gathered from his human and pastoral experience enlightened by various other authors. In his books he expresses his certainty that the God of Jesus Christ, far from enclosing man in moral rules, offers him, on the contrary, an authentic path of liberation and inner healing.
He is interested in spiritual paths that help people to grow and become fully themselves, with their defects, shortcomings and frailties. Father Joël Pralong was superior of the Seminary of the Diocese of Sion for seven years. He continues his mission as chaplain of the Basilica of Valère and preacher of retreats and conferences.

Jean-Luc Moens is Belgian, married to Anne in 1974 with whom he has 7 children and 11 grandchildren. He holds a doctorate in Mathematics. He received the baptism in the Holy Spirit in the early 1970s.
Member of the Emmanuel Community, associated with its government for over 30 years, editor-in-chief of the magazine IL EST VIVANT, president of the NGO FIDESCO. Member of the Cor Unum Dicastery (Vatican) from 2007 to 2016. Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Catholic Fraternity 2015-2019.
He was the first moderator of CHARIS. Cardinal Suenens, Archbishop of Malines-Brussels, was his bishop. Jean-Luc got to know him personally in 1973, when he joined the Charismatic Renewal.

Pastor Tosini is an ordained minister. He founded a church, along with elementary and high school. He has ministered in a number of nations as a biblical teacher to pastors. He is the founder of the John 17 initiative. The John 17 initiative focuses on relational reconciliation.
Joe believes the table which represents the place we gather to sustain our natural life should be the place we begin to narrow the divides over what sustains our spiritual lives. At the table we listen to each other’s journey of faith then pray together. On that foundation friendships are formed.
Staring at the feet rather then the head is the lesson Jesus gave us when He gathered with his disciples and washed there feet. This movement was born in 2015, and now Tosini and 19 other founding members have written their brief history in a book John 17: The Heart of God.
Its message is very much in tune with the thinking of Pope Francis. There hope is that their witness may draw "many others to Christ and their experience of communion may inspire more and more evangelicals, Pentecostals and Catholics to rediscover one another."
He is the author of the books:
“Is there not a Cause” Beyond the Disappointment of aimless Christianity
“She called me dad”
Hope for relationship in a broken world.
“John 17 The Heart of God.”
Joe is Married has 5 children and 4 grandchildren.

Born in France, married to Claude Brenti (deacon) for 47 years, they have been together in the Community of the Beatitudes for 45 years. They have 3 children. Cathy is a veteran leader in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. She has been a counselor and vice-president of ICCRS for several years, participated in many of the International Conferences of the worldwide CCR, offering her service as an excellent translator (French, English, Italian, Spanish) including events where Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Pope Francis were present.
Among her translations we can note some books and the official catechesis of Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa as Preacher of the Papal Household.
She is currently coordinator of the National Communion Service of CHARIS France, and a member of the Continental Service of Europe.

Daniel Desbois, born in 1944, is married and has five children. A psychologist by profession, he specializes in individual and group counseling. For many years he practiced and taught art therapy, psycho-spiritual listening and neurolinguistic programming. In 1992 he converted to the Christian faith and founded with Bernard Dubois the Agape group in Puy-en -Velay, France. He has long wondered about resistance to change: "Why is it so difficult to change?" It is through psycho-spiritual articulation that he found his answers.
Today he practices accompaniment between "psychic growth and spiritual experience" in a Christian setting. His goal is to accompany the person on his or her journey of inner liberation.

Neal Lozano (born 1949) Currently serves as executive director for Heart of the Father Ministries. He has over 45 years of pastoral experience helping people find freedom in Christ. An international speaker, Neal has spoken at seminars and conferences throughout the world. In 2003, Neal wrote Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance, in which he outlines a safe and effective model for deliverance prayer called Unbound Ministry. Moreover, he is the author of seven additional books. Neal also served as pastoral coordinator for House of God’s Light, an ecumenical Christian community, for 40 years. He obtained his master’s degree in religious education at Villanova University. Neal and his wife, Janet, have 4 sons and 14 grandchildren and live outside of Philadelphia.

Zuzana Venglikova was born in Slovakia in 1985. She encountered the Lord and received the baptism in the Holy Spirit in a small Catholic community of young people in her hometown when she was 16. After this experience, she got involved in youth ministry, leading worship and a prayer group. As a teacher at heart, she has written a book on praise and worship for youth communities. Since 2012, she and her husband Francis have been part of the team leading the Authentic Heart School – a 12-month formation program helping Christians from the whole of Slovakia and the Czech Republic discover their authentic self and grow in their identity in Christ – where she regularly teaches on various topics. In 2019, inspired by the Encyclical Laudato Si’, she created a series of short videos for the Association of Christian Youth Communities in Slovakia on how to live an eco-friendly life. As an “eco convert”, she wants to help other Christians see the creation and their role in it in a new light.

Fr. Cesar Alejandro Pluchinotta, born in Argentina, lives in Italy, diocesan priest and psychologist. Specialised in theology of spiritual life. He has been involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal since his childhood, for more than 40 years. He is the servant leader of the RCC group 'You are Peter' in the pontifical parish of St Anne in the Vatican. He belongs to the diocese of Sabina and collaborates with the diocese of Rome. Currently, in agreement with his bishop, he dedicates his ministry to evangelising and preaching retreats of integral healing in Jesus for various RCC groups and communities.

Born May 1955 in South Korea.
Physician by profession, specializing in internal medicine.
Received the Baptism in the Spirit in 1989.
Organizing the Religious Charismatic Prayer Committee of Kkottongnae in 1996
Professed perpetual vows in 1998 as a religious member; belongs to The Institute of Kkottongnae Brothers of Jesus which is a community serving the poorest among the poor.
Coordinator of Prolife commission in the association for the superiors of Korean male’s religious congregations from 2012 to 2021
Member of the ICCRS Council from 2007 to 2016.
He is currently a member of CHARIS International Service of Communion - CISC representing Asia, as well as a member of CHARIS Continental Service of Communion - Asia.

Born in 1957, married to Marie-Therese, with 4 children and 6 grandchildren. He is a Chartered Accountant and Tax Advisor by profession; he is also the International President of the Sword of the Spirit; a member of the International Service of Communion of CHARIS and also Coordinator of the National Service of Communion of CHARIS Lebanon.
At the age of 22, he experienced the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and came back to the Greek Catholic Church. He is currently dedicated to building communities, forming disciples, training missionaries and promoting ecumenism.
With his wife Marie-Therese, he also serves the Arabic-speaking Charismatic Renewal in the Middle East and the Gulf States.